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Free Telehealth Consultation

Telehealth Consultation

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While it is best to work with a local pelvic therapist if possible, we understand that many individuals are unable to access an experienced therapist in their area. At Grace Physical Therapy & Pelvic Health, we pride ourselves on staying up to date with treatment recommendations and options to ensure that we continue to offer the highest level of expertise. Many of our interventions include patient education, resource recommendations, and home exercises. As such, we are able to aid you on your healing journey even from a distance using telehealth options. 

If you have other questions below booking your consultation, please review our Telehealth FAQ below.

Meet Our Team

Dr Erika Grace | Grace Physical Therapy NC

Dr. Erika Grace


Dr. Haley Carter, DPT | Grace Physical Therapy NC

Dr. Haley Carter


Dr. Lindsay Moses

Dr. Lindsay Moses


Jeannine Rosen, OT | Grace Physical Therapy NC

Jeannine Rosen


Dr. Lindsay Saunders

Dr. Lindsay Saunders


Dr. Alexis Spohn DPT

Dr. Alexis Spohn


Telehealth FAQ

Telehealth based physical therapy is simply physical therapy services delivered via a technology platform rather than in-person visits.

Telehealth physical therapy can equip you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies you need to decrease your symptoms and improve your quality of life just the same as in-person visits, but from the comfort of your home! An initial session via telehealth will look much the same as it does in the office and include things like a review of your history and symptoms, assessment of posture and ergonomics, and assessment of breathing patterns. Your therapist will guide you through exercises and activities to help you achieve your goals and will make adjustments to your plan of care as needed.

Just like our in-office visits, pelvic physical therapy will look different for everyone! While your therapist may not be able to perform manual techniques via telehealth, they can walk you through a home treatment program for your pelvic health concerns. This may include instruction in external manual techniques, breathing mechanics, posture, and training of improved movement strategies to optimize function.

Telehealth sessions typically last 30-45 minutes.

Currently, we are using PT Everywhere. This platform is both encrypted and HIPPA compliant. You will have your own patient account in PT Everywhere that is password secured. PT Everywhere can be used via a web browser on your computer or on your smartphone through their app.

Currently, most major insurances are covering telehealth services. When making your appointment, the individual scheduling you will take your insurance information and verify coverage. For those without insurance, telehealth services are offered at a discounted rate.

To schedule an appointment, give our office a call at (919) 914-0896. Our office staff will be happy to get you started on your wellness journey.

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