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Medicine for These Times

Medicine for These Times

Dr. Erika "Shakti" Grace

Erika ‘Shakti’ Grace will present “Grieftending: For Ourselves and For the Collective” on Tuesday, June 9 at 7:00 EST as part of the Medicine for These Times series. Please Register Here.

The zoom link for this event is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83616954037

In these times of global pandemic and national upheaval, most of us are experiencing intense grief – both old and new – in a multitude of ways. In this talk, Shakti will discuss: 

  • The various ways by which grief accumulates in our bodies and psyches
  • Physical, spiritual, & psycho-emotional experiences that are a normal response to intense grief
  • The severe ramifications of living in a grief- and death-phobic culture
  • How to fully recognize & metabolize grief despite our deficient culture
  • The richness & transformation available to you by doing so!

Shakti is a Wisdom-Walker, teacher, and healer. She is an ordained Shamanic Minister through Venus Rising as well as an initiate in the Mystery School of Raven Sinclaire, through which she serves as a Magdalene High Priestess and ordained Guardian/Mage in the Temple of Ascension. Trained at Duke University’s School of Medicine as a niche specialist in the pelvis and pelvic health, Shakti’s desire to offer holistic healing next led her to immerse herself in functional medicine, Ayurveda, Qi Gong, Hermetics & Alchemy, and shamanic wisdom traditions from several indigenous cultures.

During a prolonged underworld journey with numerous losses and traumas, the most devastating occurring in November 2019 with the shocking and untimely death of her partner James, Shakti found herself in an intimate and transformative relationship with Grief. She is now cultivating the skills of a Grieftender to assist others in metabolizing the unprocessed grief that each of us inevitably carries in our grief-phobic culture.

Shakti Version 1.0 was Very Busy. She earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Duke and two Masters degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill. She then founded two companies, Grace Physical Therapy & Pelvic Health, with three clinic locations in the Triangle of North Carolina, and Pelvic Health Matters, an international pelvic health consultancy firm.

However, Shakti Version 2.0 prefers to spend most of her time wandering through the woods or water, reading, and in contemplation. She is the mother of three magical teenagers and lives in Chapel Hill, NC.


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